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2003 Oct. Established Namsan factory.

2004 Jun. Started production of magnetic clutch assembly (Y-220 1 type).

2005 Mar. Produced Φ135 magnetic clutch assembly and 6 other products.
2005 Mar. Produced disk hub assembly and 3 other products
2005 May. Produced BW-TTS Housing and 4 other products
2005 Oct. Developed HCC field core.

2006 Mar. Registered a patent of “ pulley manufacturing method of automobile aircon compressorí▒.
22006 Dec. Obtained Hyundai-Kia SQ certificate.

2007 Mar. Produced HCC field core [MC α].

2008 Jul. Contracted as a second supplier with American Axle & Manufacturing

2009 Sep. Awarded the honor of steel tower industry in emplalee education & training area from Korea Government

2010 Apr. Contracted as a supplier with Litens and Bosch

2011 Jan. Awarded as best quality supplier HCC